Dominican Republic Citizenship and Passport

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This ​program offers you the following


A DR passport in ​just


​For applicants that qualify and meet the requirements.


​Affordable passport program

No other program offers citizenship at such great value.

Only a few small fees need to be paid up-front

​You can apply with minimal upfront costs.

This program won’t last long, though.

Due to high demand and incredibly fast passport delivery, the low cost of our ​passport ​program will certainly increase soon!

This opportunity has some truly remarkable features.

​Contact us for further details.


​Fast Track citizenship

A DR passport opens the door for Spanish residency and citizenship

​This option is by far the fastest way to obtain citizenship but requires a​n investment or a donation. ​Please contact us for more details about Fast Track Citizenship.

Once you and your family become DR citizens through this program, you will automatically qualify for residency in Spain. Incredibly, this can all be processed in a mere 60 days!
Spanish residency also allows you to travel throughout Europe’s Schengen countries without a visa. You can even apply for a simple ESTA visa, the easiest way to travel to the US. Better still, as a Spanish resident, you can apply for naturalized Spanish citizenship as well!


​spanish residency

​Spanish residency programs available with citizenship possible over time. Please contact us for further details about the program available.

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